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Archaic Soul

Golden Solstice | Necklace

Golden Solstice | Necklace

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Experience timeless elegance with the "Golden Solstice" Necklace, featuring a coin-shaped pendant adorned with an engraved sun suspended from a dazzling herringbone chain. This necklace epitomizes classic sophistication, symbolizing the continuity of time and the enduring beauty of the sun. The captivating sun engraving on the pendant radiates vitality, warmth, and positivity, embodying moments of light, abundance, and transformation. More than just jewelry, it's a celebration of empowerment and positivity, inviting you to embrace life's perpetual solstice.


.:. Assembled in San Francisco

 .:.24k Gold Filled Pendant

.:. 24k Gold Plated Herringbone Chain

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