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Archaic Soul

Sunburst | Hoops

Sunburst | Hoops

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Introducing the "Sunburst" Hoops, a radiant embodiment of celestial beauty echoing the brilliance of the sun. These gleaming gold hoops, meticulously crafted to mirror the sun's captivating shape and rays, add a timeless touch of celestial allure to your style. Precision and attention to detail define these hoops, capturing the dynamic energy of the sun with grace. Their shiny gold finish exudes opulence, transforming them into statement pieces that illuminate any look. Wearing the "Sunburst" Hoops invites you to immerse yourself in the warmth and positivity of the sun, whether as a casual enhancement or an elegant addition to formal attire. Step into the glow of these hoops and let their celestial-inspired design elevate your style, symbolizing the eternal beauty of the sun's luminous presence with each wear.

.:. Handmade in India

 .:. Material: Shiny Brass


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